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The Taj Mahal is the oldest of all the restaurants in Crawley, it opened on the 10th August 1969.We have used that time to become the best restaurant in Crawley. We are an Indian restaurant that serves cuisine that is simply wondrous. Naturally, we would think that but you are the real judge so book your table now at either lunchtime or in the evening. You can also order a takeaway and enjoy our food in your home.

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Looking for authentic Indian food in Gatwick, Crawley? Then look no further! For the past few years, the Taj Mahal has been providing traditional Indian food in the UK. Located not very far from Gatwick Airport. Taj Mahal is a restaurant that serves authentic cuisine to those who love the traditional taste of Indian food.

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Cuban sandwich with ham, roasted pork, and pickles

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoor roasted spring chicken served with salad and pilau rice.

Plate of golden brown fish tacos with cabbage slaw

Chicken Shashlik

Diced chicken in a tandoor marinade, cooked on a skewer with chunky onions and bell peppers, served with pilau rice.


Garlic Rice

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Enjoy the exotic culinary experience at the Taj Mahal, a place where our customers can experience our amazing authentic Indian Cuisine. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients with excellent services that represent our traditional Indian culture.

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